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Tarifació social i ambiental

The aim of social fare cards is to facilitate elderly or disabled people, with limited financial resources, their access to metropolitan transport services as an incentive for increasing their civic participation and civic life. The metropolitan Pink card fulfils this objective.

Another scope of action followed by the ​​Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is to introduce improvements into the public transport system, in order to promote mobility of people with disabilities and thus to enhance their integration; this action is carried out with specific measures such as the creation of the accompanying metropolitan Pass.

  • Targeta T-16 Find the travel pass that allows children from 4 to 16 years old travel for free.

    Metropolitan Pink Card Find the travel pass that allows the elderly (the age varies depending on the municipality), or disabled people, to travel for free or with a reduced fare.

  • Targeta T-4 metropolitana Access conditions and price of T-4 for owners of a Metropolitan Pink Card with reduced fare.

    Accompanying metropolitan passCheck the conditions of the Accompanying Metropolitan Pass, which enables those accompanying persons with special need to travel free.

  • T-VerdaInformation about the T-Verda card that allows unlimited free use of public transport services.